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Summer, 2011


A handful of photos taken over the summer:

Cinco De Mayo (yah I know May isn’t technically summer, but it sure felt like it that day)

Circus Flora (Taking photos was illegal there so these were all from the hip, or should I say from the lap)

Look at the cute little boys (2 of my good friends’ little boys)

A few from South St. Louis (the last being my back yard)

she said yes!


so last night i proposed to jessica. it was funny, when i pulled out the little box, she kept pushing it away and saying “shut up” and “stop it”. evidently she thought i was joking around. but once i pulled out the ring, she realized i was serious. she said yes. after, she couldn’t stop staring at it. it was a priceless moment.

it was a rough week for us. i couldn’t really explain what it was. but God pulled through on this one. after ther message at church (ironically about marriage and the correlation with the the Bridegroom and his Bride; Eph 5:22-30), it opened up a chance for us to talk about some things that i think needed to be talked about. after talking, i had a feeling i would be proposing sometime that night.

i love this woman. and i’m so happy to start planning the future with her.